Are you in an emotional crisis? These tools might help you!“ 

in detail!


This Seminar wants to give you the essence of my strongest asset: learning how to transform EMOTIONS into ENERGY! In other words, how to deal with emotional crisis in a way, that the challenging emotions not only stop blocking you but actually become a practical source of energy for your vitality, sexuality, creativity, spirituality and identity! 

As always I cannot guarantee a complete healing process, but I can teach you some of the most effective body&mind techniques, that helped me in my life and in the life of my clients. 

Furthermore you will experience a personal treatment with me concerning your specific topic with the power of the group. Finally you will get some exercises, which you can incorporate into your daily routine to improve your skills after  what you have learned and earned in theses 1-2 days!

These exercises are part of a bigger system with the sounding name KUNDALELA, AEA or ALELA, which is one of my best researched crossover body&mind programs I have been constantly working on since 2002