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Welcome to the ALELA- Blog!

Are you intrested in updates to body&mind techniques, health&nutrition and holistic life philosophy? Well here is your playground!! 
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Tied to the timequality, where Alela is at the moment,  but with the intention to connecting to YOU and YOUR life too! You can expect a very colourful definitetly a little chaotic flow of valuable free content, with the  freedom of going into in detail sometimes... but the specific infos on the website, will be changing and growing too... so take a pick... and remember “ Live with a mind open like the sky and a body centered and rooted like a tree in the earth!!”

This was our SEMINAR 21.7.18 in Niederösterreich!

Seminarformat: "Are you in an emotional crisis?!

Here come the tools to HACK it“

We had a blast! Great tools, for Transformation, like: 

.)CREATING YOUR SAFE SPACE ( Visualisation, see foto) 

.) Learning the „CHI-PUMP“

.) Getting to know the AUDIBLE LONG BREATHS

.) Sharing and Working in NATURE ( Grasshut, Trees) 

.) Knowing the Difference between: Instinct, Affection, Feeling, Emotion and thei triggers

.) Facing you Fears by BECOMING YOUR FEAR


.) Creating a new MENTALITY „Any Emotion is Energy, and I can use it!“

more infos on the next BLOG