TREEMEDITATION&Bodywork: every communion with trees should be accompanied with respect & grace! Besides the fact that it feels polite and right, your body attunes with these emotions to the frequency of receiving, this might come in handy, cause trees have a lot to offer...(at least from my 5 years of experience so far) ;)

There are 3 main types of TREEMEDITATIONS:
.)RECHARGING: Here you just do a Zen-meditation with open eyes and with your intention to be in the moment and at the same time be recharged by the tree. In the Zen meditation, we do not close ourselves from the world, nor do we censor our thoughts, but we also do not give any importance to anything that our sences in the outer or in the inner world perceive. No matter what comes, we recognise it, and let it go, like clouds which float on the horizone. The tree will do its cleansing work no matter what you do under it, because it is in its nature (more info below!) 
.)INFORMING: This is a journey towards the treespirit to ask for guidance...the intention is to get information from your subconscious, with the help of the tree!  it is the classic shamanic journey, for which you do not have to be a shaman to perform it. The basic plan is, that you close your eyes and in the mind go to a powerplace in your inner realm to journey in it to a poweranimal or inner guide to help you. In the case with the tree you already have a powerplace in the outer world, the tree itself! Leaning against it you imagine melting through its trunk and moving inside it up or down... any image, feeling or inspiration now is important and should be remembered... you should either go up or down and have the feeling of transcending layers, for instance: you go to the roots and find a door further deeper into the earth.. you transcend the door...until (maybe not at the very first time, but with practice) you encounter the DRYAD-the spirit within the tree or something that feels like the core of the tree... she/it might have a message or a gift for your present state of need. You thank this being and return to the surface. Now you gather all informations, which you got along the way, and open your sences to your present state at the tree... pay attention to everything that is happening (wind in the leaves, insects flying, pieces of bark falling, animals in the tee), while you ask the same questions, which made you do the journey to the inner realm in the first place... now in the full, real presence of the tree... those „answers“ ( they are reactions of nature, like a wind blowing suddenly stronger, or a leaf which falls on your shoe..)  which MATCH inner and outer realm (there is a lot of space for interpretation here, but sometimes things are very clear!), are very reliable sources, and you can take them with certain amount of security into consideration, for your future decisions...since this is a type of work that is only connected to your intuition, it will take time, until you get images, if you are not used to it... for a holistic decision a good rational analysis of your needs should always be added to the intuitive source, and again you look for the crosspoints, to get even more reliable data! 
.) TRANSFORMING: Here you intentionally bring an emotion, that bothers you to the surface of the tree! The breath is like the rebirthing or Kundalela technique ( they are not the same more info will follow)... and you breathe and massage the emotion into the tree until it has fully transformed...a very physical act, in which your body and the treebody physical touch and interact.. every now and then the physical flow stops while the breathing continues and the energetic dialogue between you and the tree begins!  It is the same technique we learn in the „Emotional Alchemy“ Seminars, except with trees it is much stronger! 
Why does this work also with people, who think that this is just esoteric humbug? Because trees have the BIOLOGICAL NATURE to transform our waste, like CO2 into our nourishment O2... just by exchaniging a lot breath.. you WILL feel better no matter WHAT you do under or next to a tree... hahhaaaaa!! ;) 
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In this video I show the BODY-WORK approach towards the techniques described above... The bodywork covers the third technique "TRANSFORMING" as described in the blog, but it adds some useful athletic- and fitness tools on top of  it.