Fullmoon and Bloodmoon

Our Bloodmoonritual on July 27th on Wilhelminenberg in Vienna! 

We gathered at around 9pm, masses of people were coming to the meadow with the view over Vienna next to the Hotel „Schloss Wilhelminenberg“, with cameras picknick blankets -the full program-, and not quite what we were looking for ;) . So we decided to take walk to another part of the park, the fruit garden, where there was NO one except for a sweet grove of wild apple and pear trees.... well you would think it could not get any more druidic than that,...but wait and listen! 
It was four of us: Christa, Bernadette, Nele and me,  so we had a „guardian“ for each direction, and one, Michaela was to join us later...Ok, for the „newbies“ to the blogg and my work: for ceremonies & rituals I work in the celtic-druidic tradition, by drawing a circle around a certain area and then imvocatimg qualities of the 4 directions and the spirit of the place. I try to be as contemporary in this approach as possible, which means, anybody can call on THEIR individual guardians, virtues and qualities of their lives, but I also offer the connotations of the wild wisdom, concerning elements, time qualities, totem animals etc...
During the calling of the directions the bloodmoon showed her face very distantly but clearly noticable  in the sky... when we finished the 4th direction, Michaela showed up im perfect synchronicity for the calling of the spirit of the place, whom she was very familiar with, because of her many, many visits to this garden, since child&adulthood!  She also brought a very emotional topic of change to the ritual... the principle idea now was to give every participant the possibility to stand in the midst of the circle and be fulfilled with the help of the bloodmoon of everything he or she was wishing for in the last cycle! According to the believe: as above so below, as in the inner so in the outer realm, ... this technique is very powerful and relaxing if you are currently waiting for change to happen, but have not met the changes in the outside yet... With this ritual you can access those changes very vividly and with the group and nature as support at least in you inner world! In the moonlight you LIVE your dreams, you are not waiting anymore but have  reached your goal and can relax your thoughts of wanting and needing for this night, and ideally also those which follow!  
The beauty of this kind of work is, that it never goes unnoticed by the animal or elemental kingdom, maybe also because eveyone pays more attention to these fields during this quality of time! 
To make it short: several little wonders occurred during this special night for us! 
.) a white dog from a couple nearby, who kept a respectful distance, joined us, cuddling up to each participant with such trusting affection that we had to respond with loving patting and stroking... she made her circle to each one and ran of, leaving us to continue our work, and returning once again a little later...
.) right when we finished the invocation of the fifth element (spirit of the place & space), a DRY thunderstorm arose! Can you imagine it? Thunder Lightning, the Redmoond appearing and disappearing in the couds but NO rain!! We were captured in a spectacle of nature that was so special as the wishes each one brought to the circle. We finished the ritual, lying on thr geass in the form of a five petaled flower, with our crowns in the center and our feet on the outside, looking from the earth into the sky filled with bolts of lightning!!  Needless to say we all experienced a thrill of vibrations in our bodies which would accompany us in the next days - no worries nobody was literally struck by lightning :) ) rather with wonderful memories and quite a bit of extra trust in the spirit realm, even for those, who were still new to this world of wonders!