how to deal with anxiety immediately!

CHANGE your position, if you were sitting/standing, lie down, if you were in bed sit up straight!  Go into LONG DEEP BREATHS!   Imagine your INHALATION from ABOVE your crown  into your body, and the EXHALATION down BELOW from your body into the ground! Inhale fully and deeply, fill your chest and your stomach with air, direct the air-energy through your body, breathe out deeply into your feet and further on into the centre of Earth! take your time and imagine your anxiety being flushed out with your breath! Do this several times! ideally your inhalation and your exhalation should be equally long and take at least 5 heartbeats each!

In 2 3 4 5 , Exhale 2, 3, 4, 5....

THEN: try to be aware, WHERE your anxiety is blocked in your body (it is usually in the chest area),... massage this field with your hands, and imagine that you will transform this pain into a maximum energy-gain for you! massage the anxiety points in a puls similar to your heartbeat... With the EXHALATION massage the anxiety DOWNWARDS toward your NAVEL.... Feel the INHALATION coming from above into the massage-area... keep doing your long breaths and try to warm the field of anxiety through the massage! Do this several times....

THEN: start the CHIPUMP: if your are not yet familiar with this term it goes like this: (you stop the massage and ) let your pelvis rock forward and backward, when your rock forward you should squeeze your butt-muscles and your perineum (the muscles between anus and sexual organ, that controls your flow of urine) . the spine should do a wave movement and the shoulders should be rolled backward. it looks and feels like riding a camel... (it is the "camel-walk" if you are a belly dancer).... NOW you squeeze the anxiety-area, which you have massaged before in pulsations that imitate your HEARTBEAT,... in fact imagine your anxiety- BEING your heart that pulsates TOGETHER with your movement of the spine... Your MIND should be near your NAVEL or SOLARPLEXUS.

 Buttocks and anxiety field should be squeezed simultaneously . Keep doing this by continuing long breaths on top. Pick up the tempo eventually and make your breaths even longer but create WARMTH at the same time... After some repetition you will feel a change, the anxiety will feel warm..., when it is really, really warm, you can pause for a minute: be aware of your blood and your emotional energy,... NOW you should experience the anxiety ONLY as EXTRA-ENERGY that is THERE for YOU to get BETTER! You RENAME it  now: it is not any more ANXIETY it is "AWESOME ENERGY" and you can direct it into your left and right side of the body by changing your weight from left to right leg, or sitting bone should you be seated!   If the bad feeling should come back (usually triggerd by a thought),... you go back into the chipump. try to stick MORE to the positive name and thought of this newly transformed energy...!

(you should however always try to consult a professional first, this is the ideal plan b, if you are alone and have to wait for the ambulance to arrive, for instance.!)