Albert Emanuel Kessler

Greetings visitor!

My name is Albert Emanuel Kessler and like you I have been wandering this planet, searching for the essence of  my purpose in this life!

When I was young this was creating art as a dancer, singer and actor! Later it was healing and researching body&mind systems, where I also could integrate my spirituality and my physicality as a martial artist, and yogi. 

Now I am finding myself as trainer, healer and master of holistic ceremonies, which are connected to European shamanism, but in the essence this is just another wonderful tool to cure the hearts of the people, like arts, bodyworks, mind techniques and medi(t)ation. Important for you to know: You do not have to believe in any of my paths in order for my work to help you, I am here for YOU and I will connect with YOU where YOU are in life right here, right now!




.) Body&Mind for Theatre and Art

.) Body & Mind for Health & Vitality

.) Kundalini & Tantra Yoga

.) Traditional Chinese Medcine

.) Pressure Point& Reiki

.) Tao of Sexual Energy (Mantak Chia)

.) Core and Native Shamanism

.) Druidry

.) Bodywork and comunication for companies

.) bodywork and comunications for families



.)Martial Arts, Body&Mind privateDiploma

.)Reiki Master (1,2,3)

.)Lomi, Lomi Practioner 

.) State certificate for Energethical Counseling

.) Shamanic techniques& Medicine wheel

.)Musical Theatre State Diploma

.)Complete Vocal Technique 

.)First Level APNEA Academy Freediving