Alela Aea Kundalela Seminar Day I Video

Alela Aea Kundalela Seminar day 2 Video


Do you have daily routine that keeps you fit? 
Does this training also centre you in your mind ?
Can you grow spiritually within this routine?
Can you do it anytime and anyplace and vary it to the quality of your time? 
And can you integrate any personal, emotional crisis into it and transform it to a source of nourishing energy?
No? Congratualions, you came to the right place!


Kundalela or AllelemtsAthletics ( aka AEA, ALELA) was developed since 2002! 

The principle it has is to combine the most effective fields of body&mindtechniques into a routine that serves us: in our fitness, in our mindset and in our spiritual development! It also brings a very powerful tool into your life: Working WITH your emotional state of being and integrating it into a health and wellness program, which will help you EVERY DAY for the challenges of your life!
And how do we do that?
Well we establish a new HABIT for you, by letting you into our 21 day program:
In 3 weeks you attend only 3 full Seminardays in a beautiful place with a connection to nature and a great group!
These days (usually Sundays, but it can vary according to the group) teach you a routine, which you are advised practice at home every day and which is acompanied via social media or email...(not more than 25 minutes/day,.. but you can go deeper if you wish)
The next Seminar day gives new exercises in addition to the ones you already incorporated, and the final day gives you the last for your last week of complete training.... Usually every seminar day also includes the following elements: group meditation, group healing and variations of the homework-exercises, the last day concludes with a little ritual and a celebration... After 21 days your body has established a habit, that will be so well placed in your system, that your body will ASK for training once you don't feel like giving it! This is a powerful asset for your discipline and very rewarding to anchor you in a routine, in which every day you WILL make time for YOU!
Originally ALELA or KUNDALELA  was born out of a personal dilemma: 
When I finished my performing arts academy, I needed to keep in shape, at the same time I had so many interests and fields I wanted to progress in: 
Dancing, Acting, Singing, Acrobatics, Yoga, Martial and Healing Arts, that taking classes in each field would have ruined my  time&money management...;)
So I had to find combinations and crosspoints, .... which I found during my secondary study in a studio of martial arts and yoga , where I did my instructor´s diploma... 
I discovered that the basics of my three fields: 
Performing-, Martial- and Healing-Arts ( I count bodyworks like Yoga, Pilates and Meditation into this field) had these principles in common: 
.)working with breath
.) being in the moment
.) working with the principles of duality/yinyang
.) working with the elements: earth, water, fire, air and space along the spine and in the body
.) working with emotions and their connection to energy in the body
The Kundalelasystem has met its goal: 
Since its creation I could train anywhere and anytime I wanted... heal& develope myself and others with it...and enrich it with everything that life has brought to me, 
creating numerous variation styles like:  
GAYALELA Floorbarre ( Working on the ground with yoga, pilates and floorbarre techniques) 
AQUALELA working in Water
DRYALELA: working with Trees
ALELA NATURA: Working with the Elements in nature
if you have more questions, or want some explanations in German  contact me