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14. September 2018
A beautiful intimate evening, in which we built an awesome crystal field for reiki and access-consciousnesss! All participants became treaters and clients, we used binary sounds in the frequency of 432 Hertz, and combined it with overtone singing and Tibetan sound chalices. Everybody felt wonderfully recharged after these 2,5 hours!
25. Juli 2018
TREEMEDITATION&Bodywork: every communion with trees should be accompanied with respect & grace! Besides the fact that it feels polite and right, your body attunes with these emotions to the frequency of receiving, this might come in handy, cause trees have a lot to offer...(at least from my 5 years of experience so far) ;) There are 3 main types of TREEMEDITATIONS: .)RECHARGING: Here you just do a Zen-meditation with open eyes and with your intention to be in the moment and at the same...